Alex Przeslawski: Personal Trainer in Southborough

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We are the only site to feature our unique evaluation process, allowing people to make an informed decision about who they hire. Our trainers are passionate, and confident in their abilities, and their profiles illustrate this. In February, we are pleased to present Alex Przelslawski – Personal Trainer in Southborough, Kent.

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Alex is an experienced coach who has experience with a wide variety of different types of clients. Whether you are looking to gain a little more confidence in the gym, or if you are already an advanced athlete, Alex is able to tailor his training to all levels of student.

He is very comfortable working with people who have absolutely no gym or fitness experience, likewise he is also respected for his work with athletes who work to a very high standard. This is because he is sensible in his approach and utilises effective techniques with his training. Alex has an impressive background which includes working with Medical and Performance staff at Crawley Town Football Club. Alex is a great fitness resource for both men and women, having completed an Award in Pre and Post Natal Programme Design on top of his coaching and lifting qualifications.

Alex achieved a Bachelor’s Degree with Honours in 2006, studying Exercise and Health with Sports Coaching, and since then has gone on to build his skillset from strength to strength. Additional qualifications relate to Kettlebell and Powerlifting.

Whether you are simply looking to tone up, or would like to increase your strength and muscle mass, or simply lose some unwanted fat, Alex is in a great position to help students in Southborough, Kent.

Alex will approach your ongoing fitness journey from different angles. He believes that training, nutrition, recovery, strength management, and behavioural habits all play a vital role in your future wellbeing. His philosophy is built around training smarter to reach your goals.

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Alex Przelslawski. Personal Trainer in Southborough, Kent

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