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As a Personal Trainer you are working hard trying to help your clients reach their potential… Are you reaching yours?

A PT business will only succeed if you the find the exposure that your services deserve. You’ve studied hard to be a professional Personal Trainer, and that’s why CoPT was designed to give you all the tools to connect with new business.

The Council of Personal Trainers was developed by experts in the fitness field, offering a well-structured website designed to showcase your service and qualifications. When you sign up for a profile on CoPT, you make it simple and straightforward for clients to learn about what you do, and make an enquiry instantly.

It doesn’t matter how well qualified a PT may be – if they don’t have a good online presence, no one will know anything about them. This is how you can stand out from the crowd with a great CoPT profile.

Once you’ve signed up, it doesn’t stop there.

If you are dedicated and add qualifications and updates to your CoPT profile, we will reward you with a great Star Rating, and even boost your search ranking so you appear above those other PT’s who can’t be bothered to keep potential customers up to date. If you are serious about growing your PT business, you can leave your competition at the starting block by being proactive with your profile.

CoPT is cheaper than having your own website, and since only qualified PT’s can join, you are providing a legitimacy to what you do, which instils trust in those that are online - searching for a great Personal Trainer just like you.

Your CoPT profile is just a few clicks away.

Make your CoPT profile the central point of your marketing activities and point your social media to it. CoPT profiles even allow you to embed google and Facebook reviews and add YouTube video. You can add progress pics from your Instagram feed, and blog updates anytime from your dedicated dashboard.

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