About Leading Personal Trainers

Our Organisation was initiated, due to the frustration with an industry that is unregulated and has no requirement for Continued Professional Development, therefore open to anyone who decides to claim to be a Personal trainer.  This in turn undermines the professionalism of our industry and that needs to change!


Personal Trainers are at the forefront of the health and fitness industry and therefore need to be, not only qualified but committed to continual development in this ever-changing industry and be part of a professional body that raises the professional profile of Personal Trainers.


This is what our Organisation is here to do, with the help of our highly qualified Educators..


What is Leading Personal Trainers

Our Organisation is an independent body in the UK which gives qualified Personal Trainers a platform to promote themselves and the public a place to find the very best trainers. All the Personal Trainers registered with us, will be committed to their own Continued Personal Development and will be required to update this every year, like many other professions.   In line with this, we will be promoting and approving the very best Education providers. 


Business aims

To be the UK recognised and independent body for professional Personal Trainers, the source to provide the best in Continued Personal Development.
To set new and exciting standards for the industry, ensuring Personal Training is recognised as the profession it is.