How does work?

Simple! Search the LPT platform and look for a Personal Trainer near you. Browse the available profiles and once you find one that meets your requirements, all you need to do is click the ‘Contact Me’ button. A message will then be sent to the Personal Trainer with your message and email address, so that they can reply to you. You can talk directly to the PT and chat about rates and schedules etc. LPT makes it easy to find a local Personal Trainer. There is no obligation to book with a PT after contacting them, and you are free to chat with several trainers before finally making a decision or hiring a Personal Trainer.  

How much does the PT Search service cost?

LPT do not charge you for searching or connecting with a PT, and we do not make any commission on the PT’s session rates. This means that the entire service is free to those that are looking to improve their wellbeing. Pretty good, hey?  

Why use our platform?

Apart from the fact that this is a free service, it is important to remember that Personal Trainers are not all created equally. Each trainer’s specialisms will vary, as will each PT’s experience level and professionalism. The internet has made it easy for anyone to advertise their services as a coach, but how do you know that you are connecting with a professional fitness expert? We believe that our platform contains more details about listed PT’s than any other site. has taken the uncertainty out of searching for a Personal Trainer. All the coaches featured on our website have been through a vetting process, and are only approved if they meet our strict qualification criteria. We also provide our own unique LPT Star Rating to each profile, based on their studies, and continued qualifications. This provides an independent view of a PT that is not related to user reviews, but is generated from a strict set of checkpoints concerning their resume. On top of this, Personal Trainers are able to add Facebook and Google reviews to their profile page. With our unique LPT Star Rating, and client reviews all in once place, it’s easy to evaluate each Personal Trainer. It is our aim to make the process of finding a PT as transparent as possible. Each coach has the ability to share progress pics, blogs, reviews and even social media feeds on their profile – giving you a good idea of the person behind the web page.