What Should You Look for in a Personal Trainer?

Looking to drop some fat in Tunbridge Wells or increase your strength levels in Sevenoaks? How do you find the right PT?

Todays busy professionals are working longer hours and finding it more of a challenge to juggle work and family commitments whilst trying to grab time for the gym - so it’s understandable that many of us turn to a Personal Trainer to get the best from our precious fitness sessions.

There’s no shortage of PT’s out there either. In fact, an Ibisworld study estimated that there were approximately 23,000 practicing Personal Trainers in the UK as of April 2016, so finding one should be a doddle… but it pays to look a little closer.

At LeadingPersonalTrainers.com we offer PT’s a chance to list their credentials in a user-friendly profile. Only fitness professionals with a PT Level 3 Certificate may advertise their services in our directory, meaning that you can be confident when searching our site for a qualified Personal Trainer.

Knowing that you can search our platform for a good local Personal Trainer is all well and good, but how do you separate one profile from another? What makes one coach better than the next?

Here are some points to consider:

Find a Local Personal Trainer

Committing your valuable time to train is no mean feat, so help yourself out by choosing someone who is local. If the trip to see your Trainer is inconveniently long, you are likely to skip sessions when the going gets tough. A shorter distance to visit your PT will mean less overall time spent for the same results.

Look for PT Success Stories

A good PT will be passionate about his or hers work, and the reason they love their job so much is because of the positive impact that they have on their client’s health or weight (and usually both!). Successful Personal Trainers log their students progress and post images or videos on their LeadingPersonalTrainers.com profile. Look out for PT profiles that show happy clients who are getting results from sessions.

Identify Pro-active Personal Trainers

The world of fitness, weight loss, and bodybuilding is very much a scientifically focused discipline, and as such it is a must for PT’s to keep track of the latest studies and research findings in relation to physical exercise and nutrition. A good PT will post an educational timeline to their LPT profile and show prospective clients that not only do they meet the standard criteria to train clients, but they also continue to development themselves. Look for a well populated timeline that shows regular development on the part of the Personal Trainer.

Taking a closer look at your future PT by making the above 3 observations will help you to form a more successful and long-term match.

Welcome to your BEST you!


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