Catherine Symons: Personal Trainer in Tunbridge Wells

Featured Personal Trainer for September

Catherine Symons: Personal Trainer in Tunbridge Wells

Looking for a Personal Trainer in Tunbridge Wells? Leading Personal Trainers has started to take off with some great PT's coming on board and listing their skills and qualifications. The team behind this website is passionate about making sure all listed trainers are vetted and all qualification certificates are checked.

Each month, we will select PT’s from different areas of the country in a bid to help them showcase their talents. We are pleased to feature Ryan Hook in September.

There are thousands of coaches advertising their services on the web, but how do you know that they are qualified? How do you know if they are good at what they do?

Leading Personal Trainers is the best place to find Qualified PT’s, and we are proud to feature some of the best profiles that have been added on this resource so far.

So, if you are looking for a PT in Tunbridge Wells, or throughout the UK, the right profile is just a short search away. We also rate each profile based on a 5 Star system to encourage continued studies and actively updated profiles.

Catherine Symons completed her Active IQ Level 3 Personal Training PT Level 3 Certificate in 2017, and has proved to be a popular and capable motivator. Catherine offers training sessions from Halo Gym in Tunbridge Wells, and is available now by appointment.

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Catherine’s career as a Personal Trainer has gone from strength to strength in 2018, and she has amassed some serious certification. This year Catherine has gained certificates in Motivational Interviewing, and Training for ‘The Average Joe’, meaning that she has a realistic and down-to-earth approach to getting the best from her students.

Catherine is also currently undergoing certification in NASM Performance Enhancement, and Advanced Coaching Academy. Her profile contains her full educational timeline, a gallery, and video.

You can also stay tuned to Catherine Symon’s blog updates via her profile, with some informative topics such as the importance of staying hydrated, and why you should always work your core amongst some great articles.

For those readers who are looking to lose weight and get in shape, you are just a few clicks away. From Catherine’s profile all you need to do is click the contact button to drop her a private message. Then you can find out more about each other, and hopefully arrange a PT session from there.

Leading Personal Trainers is committed to vetting our PT’s, which is why all entries on the educational timeline are checked by our admins before they are published. When searching for a good coach, always check for a well populated profile that shows their commitment to continued studies.

You can also checkout impartial Google and Facebook reviews from profiles, giving you even more confidence before choosing a PT.

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