A Personal Trainer, or Nutrition Professional may explain that Phytic acid is often referred to as an “anti-nutrient”, and with that term comes negative connotations. Is it justified though? Phytic acid is the storage form of phosphorus in a variety of plant-based foods and is found in particular abundance in whole grains and beans.

Potential problems with phytic acid are in relation to its ability to its ability to bind to certain minerals such as iron and prevent its absorption, this may cause issues in those who are at risk of low iron stores potentially leading to conditions such as anaemia. However, phytic acid has also been found to have numerous benefits such as prevention of free radical formation in the gut and binding to heavy metals such as lead preventing their absorption. Alongside other mechanisms phytic acid consumption has been shown to decrease risk of certain cancers, cardiovascular disease and insulin resistance.

If you are keen to improve your health and fitness levels, and have questions about nutrition, a Personal Trainer could prove to be a great resource. A good PT will have studied nutrition and can help you on your fitness journey. Eating the right foods will help in so many ways. Firstly you can manage your weight once you have an understanding of the right calorie intake for you. A Personal Trainer may also be able to help identify food intolerences or allergies.


At LeadingPersonalTrainers.com we only list Personal Trainers that have reached a Level 3 PT qualification as minimum. We also require PT’s to upload their certificates as proof of course completion. If you have questions about your health, we recommend seeking the advice of your local health practitioner. You can also use the services of a Personal Trainer, since they will be able to help you with your individual health and fitness goals.


If you feel that you are not reaching your exercise or nutrional potential, a PT could get you on the right track. Simply browse the profiles for a Personal Trainer near you, and then make contact via the ‘Contact Me’ button. There is no middle-man, so you can discuss rates direct and if you like, you can proceed to book your first session. Becoming fitter benefits us in so many ways – not just with our physical health, but also with our mental wellbeing. To get started on your fitness journey, search for a Personal Trainer here.

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